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Prunay, January 14, 2022


Aeronautics and Security: Exceptional contract for ASI-Group

It is an exceptional contract that ASI-Group has just won, through its two structures, ASI-Innovation and ASI-Aviation, with the French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA).

The contract covers the acquisition and modification of Beechcraft 360-ER aircraft into Light Test Bench Airplanes (ABE-L), together with the maintenance in operational conditions and associated services.

The thirteen-year contract takes effect on January 7, 2022, and involves the acquisition, by ASI-Group, of Beechcraft 360 ER aircraft for which the company based in the Marne region, east of Paris, will provide all the necessary engineering modifications necessary to transform the aircraft in Light Test Bench Airplanes (ABE-L), thus meeting the expectations of the DGA.

ASI-Group will undertake the design, the certification, the manufacturing, and the installation of the integrated equipment, and, before final delivery, ASI-Group will also provide the necessary training to the crews.

The contract also covers the maintenance needed to maintain these aircraft in operational condition for a period of ten years.

The Light Test Bench Aircraft (ABE-L) is intended to provide the DGA EV (Flight Tests Division) with the necessary capabilities to ensure the development and fine-tuning of weapon systems for the next decades and the associated aircrew training at “EPNER” (National French Test Pilot School).

Both based in the Marne, in Prunay, and in Vatry, but in close proximity to Paris, the ASI-Group entities currently employ around sixty people, but this contract should generate around ten additional jobs, contributing to the development of the activity of the integration and maintenance center recently inaugurated at Paris-Vatry International Airport and will increase the engineering activities in Prunay, at the gates of Reims.

Level change!

By being awarded this contract, ASI-Group consolidates its position as a national leader in the aeronautics sector. This contract is in addition to the already impressive list of success, the group has already secured contracts from the French Gendarmerie or the French customs. Concurrently, ASI-Group continues its development abroad.

For ASI-Group, which recently acquired the assets of BCA (Business and Commuter Aircraft) in Clermont-Ferrand, this contract is worth several tens of millions of euros and marks a new turning point in its development strategy, focused on growth. Other promising prospects, especially outside of France, should allow the group, which achieved €10.5 million in turnover before the Covid 19 pandemic, to reach new altitudes while maintaining the attitude that makes it so successful: listen to its customers and anticipate their expectations.

Contact: Jean-Pierre KOHN, president—

ASI-Group in short 

ASI-Group is a French group constituted by two distinct companies. The first one, ASI-Innovation, headquartered in Reims, was created in 2010 by a team of high-level specialists, all originating from the aeronautical sector.

ASI-Innovation has since continued to increase its skills in the field of development and integration of simple or complex systems on all types of fixed or rotary-wing aircraft.

ASI-Innovation is today one of the rare French companies to have obtained, from the highest European aeronautical authorities (EASA), the precious “DOA PART 21 J (Design Organization Approval)” which allows it, with a concern for quality and of constant seriousness, to certify with European authorities, but also American, all the tasks of design, development, and integration of complex systems on fixed or rotary-wing aircraft.

In 2014, the ASI group enhanced its reach by creating another company “ASI-Aviation”. ASI-Aviation is responsible for the development of the famous F406 (nearly 80 planes worldwide, many of which are used as mission, surveillance, and maritime patrol aircraft). ASI-Aviation also supports the installation of modifications created by its sister company, as well as all operations related to maintenance or keeping aircraft in operational condition.

Between the two companies, the ASI group has 5 approvals issued by EASA which allow it to design, manufacture, certify, install and validate modifications on aircraft, to manufacture and certify spare parts for all types of aircraft., and finally, to be able to perform scheduled or unscheduled maintenance tasks.

The companies also have specific approvals from the French government.

ASI Innovation and ASI Aviation approvals:

  • DOA EASA Part 21 J – EASA.21J.482
  • DOA EASA Part 21 J – EASA.21J.064
  • Part 21 G Production agreement – 21G.0176
  • Combined Airworthiness Organization Certificate – FR.CAO.0128
  • Part 145 Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) – FR.145.0536
  • EMAR / FR 145-73 Military approval and state aircraft


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