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Press Release

ASI named Rockwell-Collins dealer

Reims, August 3, 2021

ASI-Aviation has been appointed as a Rockwell-Collins dealer

The worldwide avionics leader for commercial aviation has appointed ASI as one of its authorized dealers. This is in recognition of a long relationship, established over many years, and ASI’s team capacity to provide before and after-sales services.

Over the years, ASI has designed and certified hundreds of minor and major modifications, allowing installation of Rockwell-Collins products on airframes ranging from the King Air 90 to ATR, Embraer, Airbus, and Boeing airframes.

As a recognized international mission aircraft integrator, ASI performs integration of Rockwell-Collins products within the mission systems required for border surveillance, maritime surveillance, or other specialized missions.

« Over the years, the Rockwell-Collins and ASI teams have learned to work as one, providing operators with a full range of services for avionic maintenance or installation. ASI provides not only the technical services but also all the certifications necessary to return an aircraft to service. Our two locations allow us to welcome airframes of any size, with 24/7 access, custom clearance, and immigration at our Reims Prunay (LFQA) or Paris-Vatry International (LFOK)). We have developed a deep knowledge of the Rockwell-Collins product family over time that allows us, combined with our EASA certifications, to work diligently et efficiently on all airframe sizes (CS23-CS25 for fixed-wing and CS27-CS29 for rotary wing), this allows us to design complex and heterogeneous avionic suites, perform the installation and certify the aircraft to return into service while guaranteeing the shortest downtime and most competitive pricing.”, said Jean-Pierre Kohn, CEO ASI.

As of this day, ASI welcomes operators in the need of before sales consulting, installation, or maintenance of their avionic systems on both its locations.