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Press Release

ASI Group named as Garmin Dealer

ASI Group becomes an official Garmin Dealer, specializing in complex installations and full retrofits

Garmin, the worldwide leader of modern avionics for certified and experimental aircraft has named ASI Group as one of its official dealers. By the terms of the agreement, ASI will distribute all the components of the aviation range of Garmin products, offering sales, installation, and technical support services to all its customers. ASI will specialize in complex installations including, but not limited to, full integrated avionic decks retrofits, auto-pilot installations. ASI’s traditional customer base includes business aviation operators, high-performance complex aircraft operators, mission aircraft, and military aircraft.

“ASI has developed its avionics capabilities over time and offers now a fully integrated avionics shop, capable of the most advanced installations such as Garmin G1000 Nxi retrofits on KingAir aircraft. We have heavily invested in advanced equipment and in new team members to allow us to offer the highest quality services available on the market. As a specialist of mission modified aircraft, we specialize in the integration of complex heterogeneous systems, a field rarely explored by traditional avionics shops, we have been recognized by Garmin and certified to join the exclusive club of their official dealer network” explained Jean-Pierre Kohn, President and CEO of ASI Group.

ASI’s integrated avionics shop also provides services that traditional avionics service centers tend to abandon, such as:

  • Legacy avionics system repairs and bench test services
  • Heterogenous systems interconnexion
  • Autopilot certification
  • Pitot Static chain tests and certification
  • RVSM certification for high-performance turboprops and business jets
  • Global equipment tests and certification
  • Complete glass-cockpit retrofits, replacing legacy and analog avionics systems
  • Installation of advanced communication systems
  • Autopilot repairs and tuning (legacy systems)
  • FMS and RNP navigator install and certification

ASI, from this day, distributes and installs all Garmin Aviation products:

  • Complete glass-cockpit solutions
  • Stand-alone indicators and gauges
  • Fixed and portable GPS
  • Transponders and ADS-B solutions
  • Com and NavCom radios
  • Weather radar systems
  • Satellite communications solutions
  • Radar altimeters

« With this agreement in place between ASI and Garmin, we further our customer offerings, ensuring that we deliver the highest levels of quality and workmanship while returning the aircraft to service in record time, whether it is a fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft. » added Jean-Pierre Kohn.

About ASI Group


ASI Group is a French holding that controls two separate companies: « ASI Innovation », headquartered in Reims, close to Paris, was founded in 2010 by a team of highly qualified and experienced aeronautical engineers. ASI Innovation continuously increased its know-how in the field of the design, certification and installation of complex heterogeneous mission systems on fixed and rotary wing aircraft of all sizes.

« ASI Innovation » is, today, one of the few French companies to have obtained the highest level of certification for design, modifications, production of major and minor changes, aircraft assemblies and sub-assemblies, and maintenance. (EASA DOA, POA)

ASI Group has extended its activities by creating “ASI Aviation” in 2014.

ASI Aviation is in charge of the Type Certificate of the famous Reims-Cessna F406 (100 units produced, with most of them still used daily as surveillance of mission aircraft).

Between its two companies, ASI Group has obtained 4 certifications from EASA, allowing the group to work on aircraft of all classes, whether they are fixed-wing or rotary-wing. The Group may design, test fly, certify, produce, and maintain aircraft certified under CS-23 to CS-29 certification norms. Additionally, ASI is certified as a military and state aircraft contractor.


ASI Innovation Certification :

  • DOA EASA Part 21 J 482

ASI Aviation Certifications:

  • DOA EASA Part 21 J 064
  • Part 21 G Production agreement FR.21G.076
  • Part 145 Maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) FR.145.536
  • FRA-145-0059 (French military)

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