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BPIFrance and GIFAS have announced the list of 14 companies joining the third promotion of the Aeronautical Accelerator. ASI-Group is particularly proud of the selection of its subsidiary ASI-Innovation in this list, including companies selected at the national level.

Aware of the challenges facing the aeronautics sector, the French State has expressed its desire to support cutting-edge sectors that generate jobs through the Future Investment Program (PIA). This innovation and employment support program will inject a total of 20 billion euros, of which 11 billion euros will be allocated to innovative projects as part of the “France Relance” plan.

By creating the Aeronautics Accelerator, the GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques) and BPI France are actively participating in this measure, by selecting French companies with high growth potential and giving them the benefit of a support program allowing them to shorten the time needed to complete their projects.

« With the Accelerator for companies in the aeronautics sector, we provide dedicated support to managers in their rebound issues while taking into account the major challenges that the sector must meet » declares Guillaume Mortelier, Executive Director in charge of Support at Bpifrance. « The Accelerator is fully in line with Bpifrance’s strategy to support all companies, regardless of their size, in their rebound and growth. »

The Aeronautics accelerator is a concrete measure for companies with more than 10 employees and achieving an annual turnover of more than 2 million euros. The support, just as much as the financial measures, contributes to the commercial success of these companies both at the national level and in the export markets.

ASI-Innovation, a member of ASI-Group has been selected to join the Aeronautics accelerator both as an aircraft designer and also as one of the world’s leading specialists in aircraft equipment intended for reconnaissance, surveillance, photography, and video and data acquisition/transmission. Established at Reims Prunay and Paris-Vatry airports, ASI’s customers include civil and military operators both in France and abroad. The solutions and aerial resources (planes and helicopters) developed by the group are operated in countries around the world.

« Our selection in the Aeronautical Accelerator is an immense satisfaction for us. Being recognized as one of the companies with strong development potential is a definite asset for our future, but the most important thing is, without a doubt, the support we will be able to benefit from immediately. Thanks to him, we will be able to better target our actions and achieve our long-term growth objectives much more quickly », Says Jean-Pierre Kohn, founder, and President, Managing Director of ASI-Innovation. « It is a definite asset, after two years complicated by the pandemic and the challenges of decarbonization which have imposed themselves on the entire aeronautical sector worldwide. »

ASI-Group in short 

ASI-Group is a French group constituted by two distinct companies. The first one, ASI-Innovation, headquartered in Reims, was created in 2010 by a team of high-level specialists, all originating from the aeronautical sector.

ASI-Innovation has since continued to increase its skills in the field of development and integration of simple or complex systems on all types of fixed or rotary-wing aircraft.

ASI-Innovation is today one of the rare French companies to have obtained, from the highest European aeronautical authorities (EASA), the precious “DOA PART 21 J (Design Organization Approval)” which allows it, with a concern for quality and of constant seriousness, to certify with European authorities, but also American, all the tasks of design, development, and integration of complex systems on fixed or rotary-wing aircraft.

In 2014, the ASI group enhanced its reach by creating another company “ASI-Aviation”. ASI-Aviation is responsible for the development of the famous F406 (nearly 80 planes worldwide, many of which are used as mission, surveillance, and maritime patrol aircraft). ASI-Aviation also supports the installation of modifications created by its sister company, as well as all operations related to maintenance or keeping aircraft in operational condition.

Between the two companies, the ASI group has 5 approvals issued by EASA which allow it to design, manufacture, certify, install and validate modifications on aircraft, to manufacture and certify spare parts for all types of aircraft., and finally, to be able to perform scheduled or unscheduled maintenance tasks.

The companies also have specific approvals from the French government.

ASI Innovation and ASI Aviation approvals: 

  • DOA EASA Part 21 J – EASA.21J.482
  • DOA EASA Part 21 J – EASA.21J.064
  • Part 21 G Production agreement – 21G.0176
  • Combined Airworthiness Organization Certificate – FR.CAO.0128
  • Part 145 Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) – FR.145.0536§
  • EMAR / FR 145-73 Military approval and state aircraft

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