Certifications & Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)

ASI Group, through its two subsidiaries, holds all the certifications required by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) that allows the company to perform all modifications and changes (minor or major) on all categories of aircraft (fixed or rotary wing, under CS23 - CS25 -CS27 - CS29). ASI-Group provides structural, modifications, performance modifications, engine replacement, hydraulic and electrical modifications, full avionic services including Glass-Cockpit retrofits and auto-pilot installation and certification. ASI also provides Mission Systems design and installation and interior redesign (Mission, cargo, pax, and mixed configuration).


ASI Group holds the highest level of EASA certification. This allows work on all class of aircraft, either fixed or rotary wing.

Design Organization - PART 21J EASA.21J.482

Our "Design Office" Certification allows ASI to conceive, calculate, test and certify all possible modifications on all classes of aircraft. Whether your need lies in structural modification, making an aircraft mission capable, or to redesign or refurbish an interior, ASI will take ownership of all the phases of the project.

Production Organization

ASI Group holds a production Organization, allowing to produce parts that have been designed by the Design Office. We offer a one stop shopping solution that allows for minimal intervention from second tier vendors and guarantees quality and time of delivery.

Maintenance Organization - PART 145

As a certified PART-145 Maintenance Organization, ASI