Reims - Cessna F406 Caravan II


ASI Group is the international specialist in relation to the Reims-Cessna F406 CARAVAN II. ASI holds the F406 Type Certificate and manages the continued airworthiness services for the F406 fleet operating worldwide. The group also provides the necessary spare parts for operators. When necessary, ASI is able to restart parts manufacturing or ensure the creation of an airframe modification made necessary by the imperatives of an operator. ASI also renovates airframes to the Better Than New status and adapts it to the specific needs of an operator. Please consult us on any questions related to the purchase, sale, maintenance, modification or operation of an F406.









Reims - Cessna F406 Caravan II

The F406, designed, certified and manufactured in Reims, encountered a great success world-wide and continues to be flown by operators looking for reliability, flight line availability and low operating costs. The F406 is a workhorse, capable of operating from the roughest runways, even taking into account high temperatures.

The F406 is a unique aircraft, capable of achieving all types of missions. This twin-engine aircraft is equipped with Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6 turbines, ensuring all-round reliability and availability. The airframe, unpressurized, is simple to maintain and offers the lowest operating costs in its class. The aircraft is content with the most basic runways, which has made its reputation in Africa or in the most inhospitable places. Its carrying capacity, both in passengers and cargo, makes it suitable for short- and long-haul transport missions. Once equipped with mission systems, the F406 is used by fisheries, government or military forces for maritime or land surveillance missions, or civilian operators for mapping, surveillance or transport missions.

Crew: 1 or 2 (Certified for single pilot operations) Passengers: 11 Passengers
Length: 11.89 m (39 ft 0 in) Wingspan : 15.09 m (49 ft 6 in) Height: 4.01 m (13 ft 2 in) Wing Area: 23.48 m2 (253 sq ft) Typical Empty weight: 2,283 kg (5,033 lb) MTOW: 4,246 kg (9,360 lb) Power Plant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-112 turboprop , 373 kW (500 hp) each

Max Speed: 424 km/h (263 mph, 229 kt)
Cruise Speed: 370 km/h (230 mph, 200 kt)
Economical Cruise Speed: 260 km/h (160 mph, 140 kt)
Range: 2,135 km (1,327 mi, 1,153 nm)
Service ceiling: 9,145 m (30,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 9.4 m/s (1,850 ft/min)

Few aircraft are as versatile as the F406. The aircraft can be configured quickly into cargo, mission, or passenger configurations between two flights. The large main access door (1.2m - 3.7 ft) facilitates loading paletts or any other other load using motorised load movers. A dedicated pilot access door is used for crew embarcation without going through the fuselage, allowing load optimization. Range and payload offered are amongst the best in this category of aircraft.

The F406 is easily customized for specific missions. From the installation of photo and video hatches, data acquisition masts, gyro-stabilized cameras, or LIDAR topographic radars, the 406 is the ideal platform for the installation of mission systems. By combining the carrying capabilities, flight performance, range and reliability of this aircraft with modern mission systems you will get the perfect aircraft, tailored to your needs, no matter how complex they are.


ASI Group doesn't just modify existing aircraft. The company’s in-depth knowledge of the aircraft and its recognized experience in modifications and adaptations allow ASI to design a custom-made aircraft, perfectly suited to your missions and deliver a turnkey solution, ready for intensive operations. ASI takes care of finding the airframe, restoring it to “better than New” state, adapting the avionics and on-board systems to your needs. Financing and leasing solutions are also available.


ASI Group holds the F406 type certificate. As such, ASI performs all the continued airworthiness maintenance tasks for the global fleet, has a large stock of spare parts available immediately and can assist operators with all maintenance tasks from the lightest to the heaviest. ASI also manufactures on-demand parts for the F406, offers airframe and interior renovation services, paint services, and avionics retrofit.

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ASI Group regularly buys second-hand F406 airframes and completely renovates them before delivering them to their next owner. These go through a thorough inspection program and are rebuilt "better than new" before starting their new career.


Do you need additional tanks, increased power, quieter propellers, a custom interior, or a cargo hold specifically adapted to your containers? ASI Group designs, implements and certifies these changes and transformations.

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When the need to modernize your aircraft's avionics arises, ASI Group takes care of the process from one start to finish. From the design of the solution, to the individual marking of the cables, and the creation of the test plan, the installation and calibration of the solution, you will only deal with one contact.


Managing the technical support of the global F406 fleet, ASI is available 24/7 to answer your technical questions and provide the right advice for your operations. ASI maintains the continued airworthiness of the F406's global fleet and all regulatory tasks related to the maintenance, airworthiness, repairs, modifications or operation of these aircraft.


Access to the Reims - Cessna F406 Caravan II Technical Documentation Library. This access requires opening an OPERATOR account with ASI Group. To open an account, send an email to: support@ASI-Group.fr

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ASI offers a complete training set for routine maintenance, scheduled maintenance or operation of the Reims - Cessna F406 Caravan II. These training sessions may be conducted at ASI’s headquarters or at the customers location. To learn more about the training content and date availability, please contact us.

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ASI Group holds a large stock of spare parts and can even manufacture on-demand parts for the Reims - Cessna F406 Caravan II. You can check the existing stock, order one or more parts online or consult us for specific needs.

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