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ASI Group brings together two distinct subsidiaries, ASI-Innovation, and ASI-Aviation, both highly specialized. This allows a division of tasks which guarantees absolute control over the stages of a project while and entrusting each stage to an highly specialized team. By proceeding in this way, ASI-Group ensures that the milestones are met in time and maintains absolute control over quality and execution schedules.

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ASI-Innovation has a proven track record in crafting major modifications, from creating STCs to fixed or rotary wing aircraft of all sizes. ASI has performed work, approved by the highest certification authorities, on aircraft manufactured by Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, ATR, Beechcraft, Cessna, Bell, Augusta, Airbus helicopters and many more.

  • Design office.
  • Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Airworthiness management.
  • Design of customized heterogeneous surveillance and mission systems.
  • Certification.
  • STC design, repairs, and modifications (major and minor).
  • Documentation: OPS – Techniques – Maintenance.
  • Creation of Flight Test Programs.
  • Management of complete programs.
  • Purchase, sale, and rental of aircraft equipped with mission or not


ASI Aviation is responsible for the application of the modifications, STC on the airframes, whether they are fixed or rotary wing aircraft. The company also offers all services related to aircraft maintenance, and is PART-145 certified by EASA. ASI-Aviation has also been certified to perform maintenance on French military aircraft (both fix winged and rotary winged aircraft)

  • Integrated design office.
  • Airworthiness management.
  • Changes to the structure and interior fittings.
  • Aeronautical maintenance (light and heavy aircraft)
    Aircraft repairs (CS23-CS25, CS27-CS29).
  • Manufacturing and certification of airworthy parts for the Reims-Cessna F406
  • Avionics workshop (complete retrofits, glass-cockpit, old avionics repairs, modifications, maintenance).
  • Design and certification of airworthy assemblies and sub-assemblies.
  • Carrying out flight test programs.
  • Management of the Reims Cessna F406 Caravan II type certificate.
  • Operational support for the Reims Cessna F406 Caravan II

Aircraft modifications


SQF of optimised hangar space


EASA Certifications


STC successfully certified