Reims Cessna F406 Caravan II

As Type Certificate Holder of the F406, ASI-Group is your natural partner for all questions related to operating, maintaining, or modifying the aircraft. ASI-Group also holds the largest spare parts inventory available and remanufactures and certifies parts where and when needed. For existing operators, ASI offers all services related to modifications, installation of mission systems, complete refurbishment, and aircraft sales or lease.


Maintenance & Spare Parts

ASI is certified by EASA as a PART-145 maintenance organization. Therefore, we are able to tackle all your maintenance needs, scheduled or unscheduled. Or highly-qualified mechanics and technicians will perform all maintenance tasks at our location(Reims Prunay, LFQA) or where your aircraft is located. ASI holds a large inventory of spare parts. Some of our customers have requested us to hold a segregated inventory for their own needs, allowing for increased aircraft availability

ASI GROUP: The ideal partner, mastering all the phases of complex projects

Undisputed Leader for Surveillance and Mission Aircraft Design and Installation

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Needs Analysis

The first phase of each project is an in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs. This will allow choosing the relevant technical options. This phase also allows dimensioning certification procedures (major or minor changes, STC etc.) and commits to realistic planning.

Design and Integration of Mission Systems

ASI-Group relies on its proven track record to design and integrate mission systems. ASI will integrate heterogeneous systems into one fully functional turnkey solution.

Integration Kit Manufacturing

It is very rare that an integrated solution can be installed into an aircraft without structural or cabin modifications. ASI-Group designs, certifies, and manufactures a solution that takes into account operability and maintainability aspects. This ensures a trouble-free operations.

Modifications and STC’s

ASI-Group is fully certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to design, test, certify, manufacture, and install all types of modifications (or design new systems). ASI-Group holds two Design Organizations Agreement (DOA), a Production Organization Agreement (POA), and a Maintenance Organization Agreement (PART-145). This allows ASI to control all aspects of a project, either at our location or at our customer’s site.

Certification & Flight Testing and Certification

With over 500 major modifications and STC’s already certified, ASI-Group has a proven track record of rapid certification of major and minor modifications. This covers modifications that involve structural, hydraulic, electrical, avionics, and mission systems modifications or designs. ASI-Group also operates its own flight test department, allowing for the fastest path to certification.

Technical Support

ASI-Group offers technical support through its experienced team. The team members are available in real-time. This guarantees users to benefit from rapid, precise, and detailed answers, when needed and exceptional flight availability.

Beyond words, my first commitment to you is the promise that we are committed to deadlines, fixed budgets, and we do everything to achieve your goals. ASI Innovation brings you the reactivity you need for your integrations, the flexibility needed for your missions, and the upmost quality of documents and products.

Jean-Pierre KOHNPrésident - Directeur Général de ASI Group

Fields of Expertise

Aircraft Paint Services

Whether our customer needs a partial respray or a complete paint job, ASI provides a full service, using the best materials available on the market.

Sale & lease of standard or mission equipped aircraft

ASI-Group offers mission equipped or standard aircraft for sale or lease. This allows our customers to accelerate the completion of their projects, without sacrificing the customization they require.

Flight Testing

ASI-Group maintains its own Flight Test department and employs its own test pilots. This allows to accelerate up considerably the certification process and the completion of your project.

Avionics Shop

ASI-Group owns its dedicated avionics shop. Our experienced technicians not only perform bench repairs on legacy avionics but also perform full glass cockpit retrofits. We also provide Pitot-Static and transponder test services

Aircraft Modification, Fixed Wings and Rotary Wings

ASI-Group engineers design, certify and install all types of airframe modifications (major and minor) such as cargo pods, nacelle modifications, supplemental fuel tanks, max weight increases

Airframe Maintenance and Refurbishment

ASI-Group performs all maintenance tasks on your airframe. We also offer full refurbishment services (airframe and interiors)

Engine Maintenance and Repairs

ASI-Group performs all scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance tasks on aviation engines, with a perticular expertise on PWX PT-6 engines

Design Office – Design – Certification

Constituted by high-level aeronautical engineers, the design office transforms your wishes and needs into an operational and certified product


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