ASI-Aviation, a company of the ASI-Group, is at your disposal for all your avionics needs. Benefiting from the long experience acquired while integrating heterogeneous avionics and mission systems, and glass cockpit retrofits,  both in the civilian and military fields, our avionics shop is ready to help you solve all your avionic needs. ASI will team up with you to conceptualize your wishes and transform them into a reliable and beautifully installed reality.

Equipped with the necessary test-benches, ASI also undertakes trouble-shooting and repairs on legacy avionics. ASI-Aviation Specializations:

  • Legacy avionics repairs(Bendix-King, Honywell)
  • Design and construction of instrument panels (including powder-coating, marking and lettering, lighting)
  • “Glass-Cockpit “Retrofit  (Garmin)
  • Autopilot installation, including certification
  • Pitot-Static / Transponder annual or biannual tests

ASI-Aviation is located at Reims Prunay airport ( 1100 m asphalt runway, GNNS approaches, énight lighting) just a few minutes away for the Paris area. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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