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Press release

ASI-Group inaugurates its new maintenance base at Paris-Vatry

On September the 9th, 2021, ASI Aviation, a member of ASI-Group, was overjoyed while inaugurating its new Integration and Maintenance Center at the International Paris-Vatry airport. While it was a joyful occasion, it was also a unique occasion for Jean-Pierre Kohn, President, and CEO of ASI Aviation, to thank our customers for their continued trust over the years.

The representatives of the state, the department, the county, and the cities welcoming us, honored us with their presence. Without their support and their trust, it would have been impossible to complete this project successfully. We want to thank particularly Mr. Pierre N’Gahane, the prefect of the Marne department, Mr. Christian Bruyen, the President of the departmental council, and Mr. Jean-Marc Roze, departmental counselor of the Marne, for their presence and the warm words they expressed during their address.

“I want to welcome ASI Group at Paris-Vatry International airport. This new location will allow ASI’s growth while participating in the success and extension of the Paris-Vatry International airport. It further confirms the attractivity of the airport for companies such as ASI and the positive effects of the strategy initiated in 2020, despite the pandemic effects. ASI Group’s arrival directly answers our need to find a long-term, profitable, and reliable tenant. The brand new, fully equipped hangar materializes this relationship that will be fruitful for all three parties: the county, the airport and ASI-Group”, indicated Christian Bruyen – President of the « Département de la Marne et du Conseil d’Administration de l’Établissement Public de Gestion de l’Aéroport de Vatry (EPGAV) ».

“The growth of ASI Group continues and implicates that the needs of the company increase too. The Paris-Vatry International Airport, the state authorities, and the region managed to answer these needs, perfectly understanding the stakes commonly shared by ASI and the airport and allowing to transform this project into a reality in record time” said Jean-Pierre Kohn, President, and CEO of ASI-Group.

Of course, this ceremony would not have been complete without the presence of our partners and customers. Among them, OSAC “Organisme pour la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile”, represented by Véronique Flamand and Arnaud Calonnec, who honored and surprised us by presenting ASI with the additional capacity certificates, freshly printed, allowing our teams to start working in the new premises!

Another customer came from away named Jean-Philippe Pelletier, CEO of Aerosotravia. This company enables us to watch many prestigious sports events, for instance, the latest Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Games using broadcast equipment designed and installed by ASI. He left Japan the day before, flying one of the two Beechcraft King Air 200 used at the Olympics, made a brief fuel stop in Russia, and managed to land in time for the inauguration, after a half round-the-world trip!

This evening was dedicated to our teams too who are real motors of growth of our company.

With this new Integration and Maintenance Center, ASI Aviation and ASI Innovation may accept bigger aircraft, up to an Airbus A321 or a Boeing 737. Thanks to the infrastructures of the Paris-Vatry International airport, our customers and partners can land 24/7 and benefit from customs and immigration services available on site. The 3000 m runway authorizes landing of aircraft of all sizes. Close to the capital (less than 150 km and 45 min in train) and situated at the conjunction of the highways joining the West with the East of Europe, Paris-Vatry is strategically located on the logistics and transports chessboard.

Thanks again to all who joined us for this inaugurated evening!




About ASI Group

ASI Group is a French holding that controls two separate companies: « ASI Innovation », headquartered in Reims, close to Paris, was founded in 2010 by a team of highly qualified and experienced aeronautical engineers. ASI Innovation continuously increased its know-how in designing, certification, and installing complex heterogeneous mission systems on fixed and rotary-wing aircraft of all sizes.

« ASI Innovation » is one of the few French companies to have obtained the highest level of certification for design, modifications, production of major and minor changes, aircraft assemblies and sub-assemblies, and maintenance. (EASA DOA, POA)

ASI Group has extended its activities by creating “ASI Aviation” in 2014.

ASI Aviation is in charge of the Type Certificate of the famous Reims-Cessna F406 (100 units produced, with most of them still used daily as surveillance of mission aircraft).

Between its two companies, ASI Group has obtained four certifications from EASA, allowing the Group to work on aircraft of all classes, whether they are fixed-wing or rotary-wing. The Group may design, test fly, certify, produce, and maintain aircraft certified under CS-23 to CS-29 certification norms. Additionally, ASI is certified as a military and state aircraft contractor.

ASI Innovation Certification :

  • DOA EASA Part 21 J 482

ASI Aviation Certifications :

  • DOA EASA Part 21 J 064
  • Part 21 G Production agreement FR.21G.076
  • Part 145 Maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) FR.145.536
  • FRA-145-0059 (French military)

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